How to join the Club?


Membership fees for 2019
  Entrance fee: Membership fee:
New Single Membership: R400 R600
New Family Membership R500 R600 main member
    R300 per dependent
Existing Single Membership R0 R600
Existing Family Membership R0 R600 main member
    R300 per dependent

New Members

If you decided to join our club you can do the following

  • As soon as you think you are ready to apply for membership click on the registration link Apply button on the right side in the right red column or under the Document page and complete the registration proses.

  • Pay your Entrance and Membership fee (see table above)

  • Send proof of payment to the secretary at

  • The club will send you an appointment letter and an Induction safety training manual.

  • Study the contents of the Induction Safety Training manual

  • Contact our secretary and confirm that you studied the contents of the Induction training manual and that you wish to shoot your first club shoot.  During registration proses at the next club shoot the new members will complete an Induction safety training open book theory and a practical exam (85% pass rate).  After the chief range officer are satisfied that you are ready to complete you will shoot your first club shoot.

  • As we are shooting IPSC discipline at our club shoots, make sure that you have the correct holster, at lease 3 magazines and enough ammunition before going to the range.

  • To gain access to the range after normal club shoots, new members must complete at least 2 club shoots and be approved by the Chief Range Officer before a key code will be provided.

Existing Members

  • Complete the registration link

  • Pay your membership fee (see table above)

  • E-mail proof of payment to the secretary at

  • The club will send you a membership letter

  • Members must reregister before end of February 2019.

Gate Code will CHANGE on 01 January 2019

  • Only paid-up members are allowed to use the range

  • To gain access to the range you need to send an e-mail to the secretary at for the gate code.

Participation in Provincial and National events

 You must be a paid-up member of MPSA and SAPSA
To affiliate with MPSA and SAPSA see the MPSA website

Competition Tips

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Saga Snippets

March 2016

Upcoming Events

2019-02-02 - MPSA H/G league #1
2019-02-03 - Teks Club shoot #1

What is New?

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